Prosser Memorial Health is
An Employer of Choice

Prosser Memorial Health is a full-service nonprofit medical center, located in Prosser, Washington. We are first and foremost a community-focused organization, dedicated to providing excellent health care and support services to enhance the health and well-being of the people in the communities we serve. Our mission is grounded in our Values: Accountability, Service, Promote Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, and Excellence. Our employees are at the heart of this vision. That’s why we strive to bring only the best and brightest on our team.

Leaders in Healthcare

We are not a massive healthcare giant in a bustling city. However, we sure act like one. Prosser Memorial Health is a 25-bed hospital, providing first class healthcare to our tight -knit community in Southeastern Washington. There’s no need for our community members to travel far for their medical needs. For our size and location, we are truly leading the pack. We have the capacity and the passion to care for all of your needs, right here at Prosser Memorial Health.

Learning Hospital and Center for Innovation

Innovation is a pillar of our organization that we cherish and nurture everyday.

Growing Organization

Each and everyday, we continue to grow with new services, new people, and new technology. We are constantly expanding and improving our facilities. As we identify the important needs of our community members, we change and grow in order to serve them as best as possible. Our most recent expansion was our state-of-the-art Family Birthplace.

Who We Are Looking For

We are seeking talented people who want to be leaders in their respective fields. Successful Prosser Memorial Health employees are not the type to sit around and wait for success to come to them. They are highly-motivated and caring individuals who jump on great opportunities. If you have the drive and desire to take advantage of great opportunities, Prosser Memorial Health guarantees them for you. Join our team and be part of something big.


Qualified and caring RNs are a major need at our center. Find out why a nursing career at Prosser Memorial Health is right for you.

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Echo/Ultrasound Techs

Be part of a cutting-edge field and a crucial member of our Diagnostic Imaging team. Echo/Ultrasound technicians are hugely valuable to the success of Prosser Memorial Health. Check out our open positions to apply to one of our Ultrasound Techs roles.

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Respiratory Therapists

Bring your unique skills and relevant experience to our community. We need respiratory therapists with a strong desire to make a difference and a whole lot of compassion. Find available respiratory therapists roles in our open jobs list.

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Qualities of Successful Employees


Team Players

Being a team player means working together to support our mission, even if that means going above and beyond your usual responsibilities.


Committed to Great Customer Service

Our community members deserve warm friendly faces with every encounter. You assure that they feel comfortable and cared for.


Have a Can-Do Attitude

We love spirited individuals who can bring their unbridled enthusiasm every single day. They can make a world of difference in the lives of patients and colleagues.


Have a Desire to Learn and Grow

Have your sights set high. If you want to grow with Prosser Memorial Health, we are ready and willing to teach and encourage you.

What's in it for you?

A career at Prosser Memorial Health is a career with great reward. Between our array of perks, the support of a wonderful local community, and a superb quality of life, you will discover deep satisfaction living and working here.

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